Chemically Sensitive?

Your bed could be contributing to it! Traditionally manufactured mattresses contain a chemical cocktail that is likely impacting your health. The solution…purchase an organic mattress or wrap your existing one in a non toxic wrap!

Welcome to the Your Guide to Green Mattress Wrap and Mattress Cover education page. My name is Greg Peterson. Over a decade ago I discovered the many issues associated with chemicals that modern day non organic mattresses pose. When replacing a conventional mattress is not an option, our mattress wraps and mattress covers are an affordable alternative mattress cover solution for off-gas prevention from toxic mattresses.

We offer a mattress wrap that is an affordable option to replacing your conventional mattress. Once you weigh our information and understand that you will be sleeping on a plastic mattress cover this solution is for you. Our mattress wraps and mattress covers provide protection from toxic chemicals, bedbugs, and dust mites.

Non-organic mattresses are made with harmful toxic chemicals. These toxins off-gas from both new and old mattresses and have been connected to SIDS and other neurological health issues.

If you have any questions prior to your purchase please contact me using the Contact Us page.

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If you have any questions before you purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



  • Our mattress wrap is made from Polyethylene Sheeting and is the thickness needed to prevent gases from permeating through it.
  • Our mattress cover prevents gases being emitted from your mattress from being in your breathing space and on your skin.
  • Our mattress wrap doesn’t make your mattress any hotter or cooler.
  • Our mattress cover creates a dust mite barrier that is healthier for your allergy prone family members.
  • Our mattress wrap protects your mattress from accidents such as common childhood mishaps and spills.
  • Our mattress cover doesn’t affect the performance of your memory foam and other mattresses.
  • Our mattress wrap do not negate the positive performance of your mattress.
  • Our mattress cover acts as a barrier to trap and suffocate bedbugs.

Please Note:

  • Mattress thicknesses vary so, nearly all covers will need some adjusting when you install them.
  • The plastic mattress wrap is noisy when you move.  We highly suggest that you purchase an organic mattress topper to go along with the mattress wrap.  Once you install the mattress wrap then you put the mattress cover topper on the bed.
  • You will still be venting the mattress through the bottom by slitting the wrap so the mattress can breath.  This you must do. The mattress wrap prevents you from sleeping with your face and skin next to the off-gassing.