My name is Greg Peterson. In 1974 I wrote a paper on how we were overfishing the oceans…I was 14. Since then I have studied, learned and taught about our impact on our planet…one of the big things that I keep coming back to is the extreme impact that toxins have on our lives.

I contend, and have talked to many doctors about this, that there are three things that cause 100% of our dis-ease. These are:

Lack of nutrition in our foods,
Environmental toxins, and 

I believe that our biggest job these days is to increase the nutrition in our food (see my other project at UrbanFarm.org) and reduce toxins in our lives.



Fast forward to 2006 when I started YourGuideToGreen.com. It’s purpose was to educate and inspire people to take better care of the planet and our lives. Your Guide To Green is a member of the UrbanFarm.org family of educational and service companies based in Phoenix, Arizona. As the founder of UrbanFarm.org I have nurtured “urban farmers” for over 30 years as they learn, harvest, share and teach others how to create adaptive home gardens and clean up the toxins in their lives.

Our line of healthy lifestyle products, like our impermeable vapor barrier mattress wraps, represent a small but significant steps to leading greener, healthier lives.

When you interact with my website – either by my contact us page or the phone number at the bottom of the page, you will be getting me and my over 3 decades of ‘green’ experience. Thanks for reading this far and I wish you a happy, healthy life!

Healthily yours,

Farmer Greg

Your Guide To Green reflects belief in 4 basic truths about environmental cause and effect

1-Environmental poisons are triggering the increase of dis-ease across the globe.

2-Exposure to unseen and unknown environmental toxins pose a daily threat to our health.

3-Harmful additives and nutritionally vacant food do not nourish our bodies or our brains.

4-Easily-accessed information/products help consumers make greener, healthier choices.

Our blogs, podcasts (3.5 Million listeners world-wide), media presentations and Your Guide To Green product overviews share knowledge and simplify the process of making incremental steps to improve health and well-being. I am here to help you live a cleaner and healthier life.