Purchase an organic mattress, which usually run in the $1000 to $2000 price range. Our mattress wrap solution the only one that creates a vapor barriers and is an inexpensive alternative to an organic or non-toxic mattress.

Our wraps are a blend of low density polyethylene that is Prop65 and CONEG Compliant. All materials used are FDA compliant for food contact. This food grade polyethylene is inert plastic that does not off-gas. That is why it was chosen by the FDA to be safe for food. There are no known irritants used in its manufacturing. This product is produced from a blend of LDPE with some mLLDPE.

1-No this is not a vinyl product that requires phthalates to soften it.

2-Polyethylene by its nature is soft and flexible, and therefore does not require additives to make it useful. (It is also BPA-free).

They are manufactured & distributed in the USA.

1-Making a slit in the Stop Off Gassing, Mattress Wrap is highly suggested as it helps your mattress “breathe” to decrease chances of mold growth inside the mattress. It also allows the gases to slowly release, away from your lungs and skin. Gas generation happens in all mattresses, and gets worse as the mattress ages. Body heat & dampness from sweat or condensation causes mold growth; the mold eats components of the mattress; this action releases neuro-toxic gases (depending on what the mattress is made from).

2-Vent holes under or at the end of the bed, significantly reduce the harmful gases and keep them away from the person sleeping in the bed.

3-If you are not comfortable with this you can leave your mattress wrap intact, but you take on the possibility of increased fungal growth inside your mattress, and realize that you may experience “puffing up” under the wrap when you move around on the mattress.

1-The majority of people notice no odor. Up to this point with a 10 year record of manufacturing and selling them we have only had 2 customers that complained.

2-Polyethylene is manufactured from petro-chemical products, so some people with extreme chemical sensitivities may notice an odor and possibly even a reaction from the product. Remember this products ism made from food grade materials. There is nothing better for this application on the market.

The Stop Off Gassing, Mattress Wrap was created after the success of mattress wraps was demonstrated on babies’ mattresses. A theory known as the “toxic gas theory,” established that babies died in cribs due to the chemical interactions with their body fluids and their mattresses. It was found that with mattresses wrapped the death rate dropped dramatically even in countries where crib death was once statistically very high such as New Zealand. We are applying the same concept to adult size mattresses.

1-This is subjective, and there is no way to answer it. If you are significantly impacted by mattress toxins and are sick from them, you probably won’t care how noisy it is.

2-We suggest purchasing an organic mattress topper made from organic cotton or latex rubber.

Make sure that when you shop for fitted sheets that you purchase the ones with “deep pockets,” and if possible, buy ones with elastic around the entire sheet edge. I know it is hard to tell when they are in the package, but from my experience the more expensive sheets are made this way. For older sheets here is a solution – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004I3VDWY

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  • 1-If the product is damaged product.
  • 2-If you change your mind before opening it, we will accept your return. But once the product is opened, it is yours. We refund the purchase price less 20% on all returned product.

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